50 Aesop’s Fables for Kids + MP3 CD


  •  Includes 50 stories based on Aesop’s fables
  •  It’s suitable for kids and all book lovers.
  •  As a tool to grow kids’ love of reading
  • Stories come with moral lessons teaching kids to behave themselves
  •  Lively illustrations encourage kids to enjoy reading
  •  Audio recordings by native speakers are provided on the enclosed MP3 CD
  •  It works with MIS talking pen.

<<Book Samples>>

(Any errors in the book samples come from encoding and decoding problems in Unicode text of free hosting services only. There is no effect on the physical books.)

ISBN: 1294877736646

Writer: Kanyanat Kreeprasertkun,  a talented writer of children’s stories

Genre:  Fable

Hardcover: 184 pages, 4 -color printing

Product Dimensions: 222 x 247  mm.


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