Short Note Sentences


  • Suitable for all learners
  • Simple, easy, and ready-to-use!
  • Includes basic frequently-used conversational phrases and sentences for everyday life situations!
  • Easy-to-follow lessons with highlighting keywords
  • As a language tool, it helps you memorize and build your English skills
  • Full-color cartoon pictures are presented throughout the entire book!
  • Plus interesting language tips you can apply as needed
  • It is lightweight and portable.

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ISBN: 9786165279437

Author: Ms. Issaree Jaemkham, an experienced translator and writer of educational books
“Short Note Series” and “Learn English with Brother Bear and Friends” are her masterpieces.

Genre: Language Learning

Paperback: 256 pages, 4 color-printing

Product Dimensions: 120 x 168 mm.

Sold: Vietnam, Taiwan

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